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▸ Landing Pages that glue visitors and convert them into paying customers

▸ Facebook Ads that speak your target audience language without getting banned

▸ Email Sequences that welcome and engage readers while a boost in click through rate is achieved

▸ Sales Letters that guide prospects into buyers and boost revenue like you deserve

▸ Video Scripts that speak, engage and entice hungry eyes into loyal buyers

▸ Conversion Content that become authoritative on search engines without loosing any potential leads

I’ll take a week to really investigate into your biggest marketing challenges and discover your best opportunities to grow your clients base, grow meaningful emotional connections with your clients, and fill your sales funnel with enthusiastic, ready-to-buy prospects that feels understood through my optimal research.

Frequently Asked Question about Me

For the love of SALES

Disclaimer: I get it… You are about to get better and you think I am going to be a good fit to work with. Yeah sure.. of course we can work together and achieve greater things. So here you have the FAQ from Entrepreneurs and Professionals like you that I have work with. GET TO KNOW ME MORE HERE

What is the fastest way to get your Immediate response?

You can get my response through multiple social media channels but the fastest way to be direct with me is contacting my email (jacob@jacobchikaike.com) and maybe getting on a call with me (08131225347) ( I am so pumped to see you connect : ).

How good are you and what makes you different from other copywriters?

Firstly, I would say it is the power of being direct and on point, I don’t engage myself with chasing clouts by trying to appear everywhere instead of providing value because I know what I want and where I heading to.

Secondly, It is my love for efficient technology, that is working smarter and earning harder, although I still make use of a board and sheets when making copies (I think because nature brings forth glory and can help me get focused).

Lastly, I am a result driven copywriter, I understand the feeling of building a business because I am in the process, infact most ceo’s and marketers that I have worked with have said copywriters don’t care about ROI, but I 101% do care and I promise to watch over your progress when working with you.

P.S: I have a google business page where you can make reviews of my service. (whether good or bad? you write it, I earn it)

I need a partner, like a salesperson are you up on that?

First of all I don’t do in house copywriter, but I can be your right hand side copywriter,provided I will be paid a monthly salary, but being a sales person isn’t my thing but closing deals is what I love to do, if you need someone who is good at talking benefits while being persuasive without sounding like an ad, I am the right person but don’t expect me to scarp contact and make pitches that become SPAM to the receiver.

What is the process when I think we are a good fit then I agree to contact you:

Firstly, we will discuss about your cause, concern and your expectations, I might give you a free revamp on a sales material if any, then we will discuss about the rewards we are both getting (surest ROI for you and pricing for me, of which we will come to a conclusion then you will confirm a simple agreement of 45 words then project will kick start when an upfront or full payment is paid.   

How fast are you in working for me and and what qualities do you look for?

Since I am selective in the kind of job I work on and need to build my portfolio with quality prospects, I accept based on the following consideration: do you own and know your potential customer base?, what long or short term benefits is your services offering? Your progress with your marketing, if any, where do you hope to see yourself and your business?

Just a few qualify to this qualities so be sure I won’t be hanging around chasing people via email or followups but instead work on your marketing and revenue growth. (but hey… don’t worry if you are just starting out, that is why you have me : )

How easy it is working with you?

I would say life is easy to the way you want it to, I am a time conscious person, you simply contact me, we talk partnership and you confirm an agreements then the job is in process.

Why should it be you? And maybe not others?

Others maybe good but are they passionate enough?, but since you are here, you are in the right place, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Stefan Georgi who is a Billion Dollar Direct response copywriter, I am a member of Jobberman who is a 3 times award winning sales training university, and other great communities like the AWAI, Copywriting Course to mention a few.

I heard copywriters now work in other to get rich quick, how true is that?

I never started copywriting because of to get rich quick infact when I started copywriting I made free copies for high schools, worship centers, small businesses and even had the whole town come to my 16th birthday (I know it might not be huge but it made me understood the power of really good copy better) .

Although I am on a mission to make the world richer and smarter than it was : )

Why SaaS and Digital Marketing Brands? And not maybe health?

Health is important, but it isn’t my purpose driven niche, I have always fall in love with tech and AI because I like to see things other than what others see it with the power of science it is possible.

Since I am business focused minded, I have taken the bull by the horn and has mastered and learned how to make a engaging and persuasive copy that would drive B2B Tech sales. My blog post is always related to tech and I am now investing in mastering software coding

I am working hard to become the go to in the tech niche, how nice it is being a coder and a copywriter (It is just like a full packaged delivered).  

I am from Asia, Africa, Australia, Ameria to mention a few… Do you serve targeted locations:

I must confess to you that I can’t understand all languages but the surprising story is that I have worked with businesses and brands from almost all the continent, thanks to my continuous learning with skillshare. You speak your language, I follow up with it and we get to understand each other better.

For market research? I make use of User testing, Yext, Google trends, Google Alerts Google Shopping and your own customer data. (you tell me your market, I make the research and speak their swag in an understandable but yet persuasive way that would drive sales.

Wanna become the next success story?

Without a target solid research strategy on your prospects, top notch SaaS copy are just uneffective sales words waiting for restructure.

So before you decide on hiring a copywriter, let’s make sure you’re on the right track toward your goals for growth and significant changes.



A full 60-minute video review dedicated to major sales driver that represents each journey your customers come across.


You’ll receive my recommendations on your sales process including your content strategy, customer journey to mention a few as a document with data-driven insights as to how to build and communicate your authentic, purpose-driven brand story in a way that resonates


After you get my recommendation, we’ll go over what I’ve taken into consideration and discuss implementable actions you can take to increase engagement and conversions.

As your copywriter and content strategist my mission is to create content as efficient as possible that converts passersby into customers and customers into fans. 

To get the best from all that we have discussed about, I have my process of bringing results.



You know your business and your audience better than anyone. So the first step in my process is an insight-gathering consultation with you.

During this insights gathering consultation, I’ll learn more about your goals, your unique perspective from your competitors, and your ideas for the voice and the character of your brand.



Based on my understanding of your voice, perspective, and goals, I embark on a quest to discover the hidden desires and challenges your target customer faces and maybe what keeps them up at night. 

This analysis will be made possible by using effective digital analytic tools to build up implementable and digestible data and surveying people, taking note of customer success and connecting in discussion groups and online events to collect qualitative data and lest i forget your competitors to see what is working and maybe it can be of help too.



Inspired by what I’ve learned about the world of your target customer, I develop intellectual creative ways for your brand to express the story they’re seeking to tell and help with what your target audience want to hear.



After I collect enough fail proof and evidence of growth copy to reconstruct your existing sales copy, sales funnels and customer journey phases, I lay out an effective framework that best suits the mindset and needs of your target customer in addition with your conversion goals and revenue growth.



Finally, I bring all the working strategies together and craft high-quality laser-focused copy works to engage your target audience, and guide and persuasive them to say “YES” to your products, services or offer.



So far, everything I’ve created is based on a hypothesis formed from reviewing and processing the data during the research stages.

Now that we can believe we have the right strategies, It’s time to test that hypothesis through multiple options of quick experiments for testing (i.e email segmentation, subject lines, call to actions, headlines).

After we put together and validate the results, then I will compile and propose different alternatives for future testing.

Let’s Do It Now!, Don’t Wait For ???

Let’s bridge the gap between what your business wants to say and what your customers want to read.

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